Aaron eyes started to hurt a little.
"When did it get so dark in here?"
"But more important... where did everybody go?"
"Damn, it happened again..."

Well, you don't get to be world class 1337 without an incredible ability to concentrate and focus on the problem in front of you...

Something doesn't look right while reversing this new sample. "It actually looks way too easy."
"How long would something like this survive in the wild? Probably not long."
"On the other hand, observations revealed the next iteration will be the number 828... That means, it had been around for..."
Whatever. It was late already and it looked like there was nothing more to squeeze from that DLL.
"Let's call it a day", he thought.
Opened Thunderbird and sent a quick email before going out.

To: james.smith@daemon-enterprises.com
Cc: pedram.amini@gmail.com, millerc@apple-devels.com

Dear all,
I have just reversed the provided DLL. The communication method is based on some kind of double linked list.

Details follow tomorrow.

Aaron Portnoy

Tipping Point DV Labs

"That's right. Tomorrow."
He closed his MacBook Pro and went to get his jacket. On his way he carefully checked if all windows were properly closed, out of habit.
"Secure is secure", he heard himself inside his head.
He stopped and considered that maybe it would be a good idea to prepare a couple of slides for the meeting on Thursday.
"Fuck that shit. I work enough extra hours already", he thought while closing the office door behind him.
And all those small consulting jobs, as if he didn't have enough with his role as manager at ZDI and the research.
"Give it to an intern. He will be happy of doing it."
"On the other hand not everybody is allowed to get his hands on classified material like this. Damn NDAs..."
He hated the idea of getting into the car and jumping into rush hour with all the other lemmings trying to get home but today was so late that this wasn't a problem anymore. Something good at least came from working so many hours.
"And what is the use of some kind of internal communication like these? Who has such a widespread network of agents?"
"It almost resembles some kind of botnet behaviour... but why does it need to be so resilient?"
The elevator stopped and its doors opened, leading to the parking lot.
"Maybe it isn't just a resemblance..."
"But... No, it can't be. If they were planning that, I wouldn't be allowed to see it..."
The idea struck him right in the middle of the parking lot, freezing him for a moment. The scenario was unlikely but upsetting and he stopped to ponder all possibilities.
"Pedram, Charlie... I must warn them."
The thought was so disturbing that he even didn't notice the car speeding towards him.

The driver abandoned the car somewhere at Cherry Hill Park and got into another one, previously parked by him there.
He took his phone. "It's James here. I took care of the issue already. I need a cleaning team, between Sedonia and Simmons Road."
"...and tell those idiots from Software Engineering to redesign it. From the ground up."

[ Hints ]

[ What to do ]

Aaron successfully reversed the mechanism the Daemon ring used to comunicate internally.

Can you?

Find the keys the daemon will use on the next iteration, concatenate them and go to:

http://www.malwarehouse.org/[insert solution here]

for the next chapter.